Jagtersreg (JRM Goods & Services (Pty) Ltd was established in 2012 by Kobus van den Berg. JRM has grown tremendously since its existence, proving to have exceptional success rate with new applications, renewals of firearm applications for self defense, hunting and sport shooting (including all dedicated applications). The main objective is to assist legal firearm owners and prospective owners in compliance with “The Act” and simplify firearm aplications and licenses.

With 17 years of firsthand experience in dealing with weapons and is an dedicated hunter,professional hunter,  sport shooter and bushveld enthusiast. Knowledge gained over the years has proved to be a valuable asset to him as he incorporates his knowledge and experiences gained into motivations for his clients.

He understands the frustration and difficulty one experience when applying for firearms in South Africa today as he experienced them personally himself. He knows exactly what is expected from applicants who apply for licences and incorporates all necessary information in his motivations.

Motivations can be provided for all caliber rifles, handguns, semi-auto’s and shotguns by JRM. After receipt of payment and all the necessary information required for the completion of a motivation , the motivation will be sent to the client within two work days (depending on the quantity of work to be done) for final approval via email. A hard copy can be made available to the client for collection upon request.

Once a client has completed the necessary application form and send additional info needed for the motivation, the clients data will be kept for future motivations. When a additional firearm motivation is requested only the firearm detail is needed together with any information that changed after completion of previous motivation.

JRM was issued a license to trade in firearms and ammunition after a lengthy process, since then the business has added additional items including Winchester, Ruger, Musgrave, Tikka, Sabatti, Howa, Sako rifles to name a few. Optics available include, Aimpoint, Konus, German Precision Optics, Nikko Stirling, Burris, Hawke, Zeiss and Nikon.

As a hunter and nature enthusiast myself I strive to provide the best possible service & pricing to my customers, Ensuring many future hunts and use of our beloved firearms.